... for your singing pleasure


Our show is unique, and that is because of the use of professional singers and the state-of-the-art equipment (computers) for a non-stop flow of the event, as well as, to the flexibility of the show according to the audience's needs.

We provide the people with karaoke "menus" and order slips at the beginning fo the evening. The singers sing karaoke songs until the audience is "warm" enough, encourage the people and provide assistance when needed. There are different happenings during the evening, like dancing medleys with new and exclusive karaoke songs that we make ourselves.

The singing flow is constant, while the ordered songs follow one right after the other, without the usual "gaps" of DVD changing, while the next performer is announced by a scroller on the screen. This way there's more people singing in one evening, than with the usual method.

One of our performances, combines a musical stand up comedy, with Diogenis Daskalou, which becomes a karaoke night with crazy happenings.

Our show are extremely popular to an international audience because of our multi-language repertoire.

We can adjust our system to your needs, which means that we can even connect our equipment to your sound and (or) visual system (screens or projectors) with a resulting lower price for you.