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PV karaoke was created by two individuals: Pavlo Aznaourides and Vicky Voyatzoglou. They are both members of the innovative musical-comedy band Monnie & Monnie Conniente and are extensively experienced in musical activities.

Pavlo attended courses in performance art and sound & vision, after he finished his musical studies. He has composed music for the theatre, movies and TV shows and documentaries and has also appeared as a composer with the Greek music industry. He has worked as a sound engineer in some of the most famous nightclubs in Thessaloniki , and also was the production manager and sound engineer for several music productions.

Vicky has studied both music and graphics and has used both into making karaoke clips. She has been working on the musical stages of Greece for years, along with famous singers and composers.

Both of them, using their knowledge on these subjects, they create karaoke clips and present a karaoke show that is both entertaining and unique!

They have a vast data base of karaoke songs, of different themes (disco, rock, movies, Latin, greek, etc), different languages (Greek, English, Italian, French, Scandinavian, etc. More recent additions include Russian, Hungarian and others.). They can cooperate with or invite other artists to their show, depending on the needs of the client or the event.